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0.52.1 Released

I just released 0.52.0 a couple days ago but a number of people quickly hit the same problem. Certain command-line commands (such as :w and any mappings to an :eclipseaction) caused the editor to lose focus. This meant you had to click your mouse within the editor to regain focus. As Vim users, we all know how frustrating it is when your hands have to leave the keyboard to use the mouse. So we fixed this issue and released 0.52.1 as quickly as we could. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The only difference between 0.52.0 and 0.52.1 is that single defect fix:

  • Fixed issue where some command-line commands would cause the editor to lose focus

0.52.0 Released

While December was extremely slow for us, we did have some code changes in January so I'm sticking with our two-month release cycle and releasing 0.52.0 today. The following changes are in 0.52.0:

  • Added support for 'gn' and 'gN'
  • Added support for ':buffer#' command and Ctrl-^
  • Added support for 'C' in visual mode (alias for 'c' or 's')
  • Changed ':ls' command to be ':files'
  • Changed ':buffers' and ':ls' to be more vim-like
  • Fixed issue where '/e' in search didn't work with regex
  • Fixed issue where '<c-=>' couldn't be used in a mapping
  • Fixed issue where canceling a search would also clear the visual selection

(Lack of) Status Update

It's been a month since 0.50.0 was released so I figured I should stick with my monthly status updates and tell you about the recent changes. However, there is nothing to report. Since 0.50.0 was released there hasn't been a single line of code changed and there hasn't been a single defect filed. December is usually a slow month for us anyway, but I'm surprised we haven't had any defects filed either. I guess 0.50.0 must be a rock-solid release (or you guys must all be busy during December too).

I hope you all enjoy Vrapper 0.50.0!


0.50.0 Released

0.50.0 has been released, continuing with our two-month release cycle. At this point, I think I've been fully relegated to Project Manager status as albertdev has stepped up and handled basically all development in this release. He's much better at this than I am and Vrapper is stronger for it. I'll take credit for resurrecting this project when the original authors abandoned it, but albertdev is the one who is able to fix the really difficult defects and introduce tough new features. Thank you albertdev for your amazing work!

The following changes are included in 0.50.0:

  • Added support for 'p'aste in visual block mode
  • Added support for "* as a separate register on Linux
  • Added support for the following 'clipboard' values: 'unnamedplus', 'autoselectplus', 'exclude:'
  • Added support for 'g_' motion
  • Added support for refreshing current file using ':e' with no arguments
  • Added support for 'u' and 'U' in visual mode
  • Fixed behavior of '{count}gT' to be more Vim-compliant
  • Fixed issue with rendering command-line while scrolling
  • Fixed issue with moving the cursor while in insert mode, then repeating
  • Fixed issue with 'S' while on an empty line with Windows line-endings
  • Fixed issue with eclipseaction in a vnoremap
  • Fixed issue with ':reg' and ':marks' in Java 8
  • Fixed issue with visual display of selecting a newline
  • Fixed issue with incremental search highlight when match is under the cursor
  • Fixed issue with editing certain configuration files in IBM's Rational Software Architect IDE

Updates to unstable update site

It's been another month, time for your monthly status update with Vrapper. We've made the following changes on the unstable update site:

  • Added new "line" text object plugin
  • Added support for 'gI' (insert at column 0)
  • Added support for ':cmap'
  • Fixed issue where word text objects would stop at unicode characters
  • Fixed issue with 'O' on the line below a closed fold
  • Fixed issue where 'q' (record macro) couldn't be re-mapped
  • Fixed issue with 'A' in visual-block mode
  • Fixed issue with '>' indent command with counts in visual mode
  • Fixed issue which prevented a custom ':command' from using ':normal'
  • Fixed issue where '\t' in substituion text couldn't be escaped
  • Fixed styling issues in status bar
  • Fixed behavior when toggling between visual mode and visual-line mode
  • Changed 'ge', 'gE', and 'w' to be more vim-compliant in visual mode
  • Various refactoring of old defect fixes

0.48.0 Released

Vrapper version 0.48.0 has been released, back on schedule with our two-month release cycle. The only changes since the last news post were more esoteric bug fixes. The following fixes are included in 0.48.0:

  • Fixed issue with cursor placement after multi-line 'gp'
  • Fixed issue using counts with 'o' command
  • Fixed behavior for 2di' and 2yi' around whitespace
  • Fixed issue with '*' and '#' when 'smartcase' is enabled
  • Fixed issue where red error text wouldn't disappear from status bar
  • Fixed issue with hitting backspace as soon as you enter insert mode then hitting '.' to repeat insertion
  • Fixed issue with performing multiple searches while in visual mode
  • Fixed issues with `[ and `] not updating after a delete or after 'p'

Updates to unstable update site
(plus a minor rant)

Time for another monthly status update on Vrapper. For the last couple years, our GitHub Issues page has hovered around 30 open defects/feature requests. Defects have been filed and fixed and we always seemed to have about 30 open at any given time. This last month brought with it what I'm going to call some "overzealous" new users. We jumped from having ~30 defects to having over 50 in one month. 13 of those issues were filed by a single person. Now, I don't take this as a sign that Vrapper is unstable. I may be overly optimistic here, but I think it's actually because Vrapper has reached a point where we meet about 95% of most users' use cases. We're down to the esoteric features and nit-picking defects; which is to say, the really hard stuff. Just take a look at the current changes on our unstable update site:

  • Added support for 'c_<C-R>_<C-W>' and 'c_<C-R>_<C-A>'
    • Insert word under cursor into command-line
  • Added support for 'n' flag in substitutions
    • Count matches without performing substitution
  • Fixed issue with using counts on a non-linewise paste
  • Fixed issue with '}' in visual mode with ipmotion.vim plugin
  • Fixed issue with 'incsearch' and '?' search mode
  • Fixed issue with cursor position after a 'u' undo
  • Fixed issue with ']' mark after deleting text
  • Fixed issue with cursor position in visual mode when using "selection=exclusive"
  • Fixed issue with performing multiple searches while in visual mode
  • Fixed issue with enabling Vrapper while a text selection was active
  • Fixed issue with pasting on an empty line with windows newlines
  • Fixed issues with Vrapper interacting with Perforce plugin

There are very few items in that list that I think are generally applicable or would affect a large number of users (and those are just the items we were able to fix). Hopefully this is a sign that the majority of our users are happy with Vrapper. Hopefully the majority of our users aren't even running into most of the defects we're fixing at this point.

**Changes in behavior**
One last thing. I removed a couple configurable options which nobody should've been using anyway. We had support for "saney" and "sanecw" which would modify the behavior of 'Y' and 'cw' to be more consistent with other Vim commands (despite our 'Y' and 'cw' being consistent with Vim's 'Y' and 'cw'). I removed these options because Vim's own documentation says to use ":map Y y$" and ":map cw dwi" if you want that "sane" behavior. I think our "saney" and "sanecw" options were added before Vrapper had support for ":map" but they are no longer necessary since we've had ":map" for a while now.


0.46.0 Released

If I was sticking closely to my two-month release cycle I would've released last week. However, there weren't too many changes in this release. I also had just fixed a defect and I wanted to make sure my fix solved the problem. Now, a week later, I'm releasing 0.46.0. Here are the changes since the last news post (included in 0.46.0):

  • Changed 'syncmodifiable' to ignore Eclipse's readonly flag by default. This should help some Perforce users.
  • Fixed issue where selecting from the end of the line backwards would skip the last character
  • Fixed issue where Vrapper would stay in VisualMode after Eclipse cleared the selection
  • Fixed issue where a visual selection could jump to the beginning of the next line
  • Fixed issue where Mac command key was ignored. It is now treated as Ctrl.
  • Fixed issue with 'i_Ctrl-Y' after 'A'.

Updates to Unstable update site

Another month, another status update for Vrapper. In the past month, we've made the following changes to the unstable update site:

  • Added support for ':command' to define custom user commands
  • Fixed issue where 'softtabstop' broke multi-character mappings (like 'imap jj <esc>')
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't use unicode characters in .vrapperrc
  • Fixed issue with mapping '0' to something then using counts for a command
  • Fixed issue with 'R' replace mode at the end of a file
  • Fixed issue with using <TAB> in a macro
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't use a space in the right-hand side of a mapping
  • Fixed issue preventing you from mapping '<c-/>' to anything

Surround Plugin changes:

  • Added ability to define custom surrounds by editor type
    • au "Java" surround c /*\r*/
    • au "XML" surround c <!--\r-->

Split Editor Plugin changes:

  • Fixed issue with cursor location in a new split

0.44.0 Released

It seems we're still sticking with this 2-month release cycle. 0.44.0 has been released and is primarily a bug-fix release with a ton of defects fixed. In addition to last month's list of fixes, 0.44.0 includes the following changes:

  • Fixed XML tag 't' text object to ignore JSP tags
  • Fixed issue where accidentally using XML tag 't' text object in a non-XML file would cause StackOverflowError
  • Fixed issue with multi-character mappings affecting regular commands
  • Fixed issue to keep cursor visible when swapping visual selection sides
  • Fixed issue where named register was sometimes still active after an operation
  • Modified behavior of new "syncmodifiable" property
    • Now a string rather than a boolean, valid values are 'matchreadonly' and 'nosync'
    • 'matchreadonly' will set Vrapper's read-only flag to the state of Eclipse's read-only flag (this is the default)
  • Other miscellaneous improvements of fixes made last month

Split Editor Plugin changes:

  • Added support for ':split' commands in detached windows
  • Fixed 'gt' behavior
    • Added ':wincmd n/p' and '<C-W>gt/gT' (which can be mapped to 'gt/gT')
  • Fixed issue where a cloned editor would place its cursor at the beginning of the file

Updates to unstable update site

Time for your monthly status update on Vrapper. We've got another long list of changes in the last month since 0.42.0 was released.

First of all, there was a defect in 0.42.0 where the '?' command (reverse search) simply didn't work. I was tempted to release a 0.42.1 with this defect fixed since it seems like such a fundamental feature. However, it actually took a couple weeks for anyone to find it. This tells me that the '?' feature isn't actually used that often. So we've fixed this defect on the unstable update site but I think it can probably wait for 0.44.0 to be in a stable release. If you actually use the '?' feature a lot and noticed it was broken, you'll have to update to the latest unstable build or wait another month to receive the fix. Sorry for breaking such a basic feature.

On to the list of changes since 0.42.0 was released:

  • Added 'N%' feature to jump to a percent of the file
  • Add searches from '*' and '#' to search history
  • Added support for searches with '\<' and '\>'
    • Maps to Eclipse's '\b' regex; we're still using Java regex under the hood
  • Fixed issue where '?' (reverse search) was broken
  • Fixed issue with using counts before a register switch command
  • Fixed issue with using counts before an omap'd command
  • Fixed issue with using counts and InsertMode
  • Fixed issue with using counts after a command and before a motion
  • Fixed issue with 'w' not jumping over windows line-endings
  • Fixed issue where commands that take arbitrary characters (f/F/t/T/m) were affected by omap mappings
  • Fixed issue where 'scrolloffset' and 'scrolljump' were ignored when jumping to a mark
  • Fixed issue where Vrapper appeared to modify read-only files
    • Added 'modifiable' and 'syncmodifiable' to set 'modifiable' when Eclipse says the file is read-only
  • Fixed issue where Vrapper would re-enable itself if Vrapper was disabled and text was selected (while 'visualmouse' option set)
  • Fixed issue with cursor position in '(insert) VISUAL' mode
  • Fixed issue with double-clicking to select a word in '(insert) VISUAL' mode
  • Fixed issue with deleting too many pending characters during a mapping in InsertMode when unprintable key presses (Ctrl/Alt) were used
  • Fixed long-standing annoyance where cursor would appear after the end of a line when clicking with the mouse
  • Other various internal fixes (refactoring)

0.42.0 Released

It seems springtime brought some new life for Vrapper development after such a slow winter. 0.42.0 has been released and just look at the list of changes made in the last month (included in 0.42.0):

  • Added new plugin for exchange.vim port
  • Added support for 'gvimargs' property
    • Defines args sent to 'gvimpath' for use by :vim command
    • Uses placeholder strings {line}, {col}, and {file}
    • Defaults to: +{line} -c normal zv{col}| -c set nobackup -f -n {file}
  • Added support for 'ad hoc delimiter' m<char>
    • Based on a Vim patch which has not yet been merged into Vim
    • Google Groups discussion
    • Use m<char> with i/a to match strings delimited by any arbitrary <char>
    • For example, 'vim*' will select (in VisualMode) the text between two '*' characters
    • **Modified methodtextobj.vim plugin to use 'f' rather than 'm' to avoid this collision**
  • Added support for '(insert) VISUAL' mode
    • Highlighting text while in InsertMode moves into '(insert) VISUAL' mode for a single visual operation, then returns to InsertMode
  • Added support for ':let @<char>=' to set register contents via command-line
    • Using ':let' ONLY supports setting registers right now
  • Added ability to map '|' character using '<BAR>'
  • Fixed issue with Vrapper not re-initializing when Eclipse re-uses editors
    • For the "Close editors automatically" feature in Eclipse
  • Fixed issue with :eclipseaction from command-line of an editor
  • Fixed issue with :eclipseaction being defined statically for all editors
  • Fixed issue with :surround command in Surround.vim plugin
  • Fixed issue with mappings which use '<' or '>' character
  • Fixed issue with search strings that end in a backslash
  • Fixed issue where :t/:move/:copy were requiring a space after the command (which Vim doesn't require)
  • Fixed issue with map and noremap not including omap
  • Fixed issue with cursor position when exiting visual line mode
  • Fixed issue swapping between beginning and end of a visual selection when Windows line-endings are present
  • Fixed issue where having a visual selection, moving into command-line mode, then hitting <ESC> didn't clear the selection
  • Fixed issue where executing a macro wasn't a single undo-able operation
  • Fixed issue with visually selecting the last character in a file
  • Fixed display issue when restoring a reversed selection
  • Refactored how text objects are defined to better support plugins

I occasionally like to include some shameless self-congratulation when releasing a new version. I searched Twitter for 'Vrapper' and here are some of my favorite tweets about Vrapper. Thank you for all the love!

‏@RobertFischer: Installed Vrapper and rebooted Eclipse. The skies opened opened up, angels sang, a tear came to my eye. IDE Heaven.

@bigtbigtbigt: Just discovered Vrapper for Eclipse after a long session of coding (I'm new to @EclipseFdn). I am in heaven!

@yottamoto: Just discovered the vrapper VI plugin for eclipse ( ). Now, my day is made, And possibly, the rest of my days also.

@NicolasBrailo: Vrapper: a real text editor for Eclipse

@jmaicher: How could I have used eclipse without vrapper (vim-like editing in Eclipse)? Awesome tool, it just works! <3

@mojavelinux: OMG, my dev environment is complete! Just discovered vrapper, a *lightweight* vim mode for all #Eclipse editors


Updates to unstable update site

It's been another slow month but I might as well give an update with the changes to the unstable update site since 0.40.0 released:

  • Added support for '@:' to repeat last command-line command
  • Added support for ':marks' command
  • Added support for ':reg[isters]' command
  • Fixed issue with 'gv' after modifying lines
  • Fixed issue with visual mode editing at the end of a file

0.40.0 Released

0.40.0 has been released. This release is smaller than most but I'm keeping with my two-month release cycle one more time. The following changes were added since the last status update and are included in 0.40.0:

  • Created new optional plugin for clang-format
  • Added support for ':y[ank] [x]' to yank into register
  • Added support for 'iskeyword' property
  • Added support for ':xa[ll]'
  • Added support for 'startnormalmode' property
    • When true, always start in NormalMode after changing tabs
  • Fixed issue with ';' after 'T'
  • Fixed \c and \C in substitution definitions
  • Fixed issue where <S-Space> wasn't being recognized

I'd like to thank all the contributors who continue keeping this project going even when I'm too busy to spend time with it myself. Your dedication helps keep this project alive!


Updates to unstable update site

As I mentioned in my last post, real life has been getting in the way of me spending time with Vrapper. The holidays certainly didn't help things either. This was a slow month for Vrapper but here's your monthly status update. The following changes have been made to the unstable update site:

  • Added support for 'omap' commands
  • Added support for :tabs command
  • Added support for '[[', ']]', '[]', and ']['
  • Fixed issue with 'O' near a blank line with Windows line-endings
  • Fixed issue using counts with mapped keys

I'll probably still release 0.40.0 in a month but after that I might relax my two-month release cycle to be whenever a release is worthwhile.


0.38.0 Released

Still sticking with our two-month release cycle, 0.38.0 is now released. Changes since the last status update (included in 0.38.0) are:

  • Added :set contentassistmode
    • Enables <c-n> and <c-p> in content-assist dropdown
    • Use camap to map <c-n> or <c-p> to other keys
  • Added :startinsert command
  • Added 'method text object' optional plugin
  • Fixed issue with chaining vi{i{i{
  • Fixed autocmd when changing tabs
  • Fixed v%
  • Fixed 'dw' on last word of a line with Windows line endings
  • Fixed Alt key handling on keyboards with AltGr
  • Fixed issue with newlines when pasting text

Real life has been getting in the way recently, preventing me from spending time with Vrapper. I'll do my best to stay on top of defects and feature requests but I'm afraid I might not be able to continue releasing every two months. Or at least, the amount of changes in a given two-month period might not be enough to justify a release. We'll see how it goes.


Updates to unstable update site

It's time for your monthly status update on Vrapper. Here are the current changes on the unstable update site. Please feel free to install the latest build on the unstable update site and let us know if you find any defects.

  • Fixed issue where escaped characters were being skipped with t/f motions
  • Fixed issue with visual block mode starting on an empty line
  • Fixed autocmd on multi-page editors (like XML Editor)
  • Fixed Ctrl+I in NormalMode (and added TAB in NormalMode for the same operation)
  • Added eclipseuiaction for mapping any Eclipse operation that pops up a dialog
  • Added support for [m, ]m, [M, and ]M
  • Added support for :setlocal command
  • Added support for shiftround setting
**Changes in behavior**
The following changes modify existing behavior from previous versions of Vrapper:
  • Refactored >> and << to use shiftwidth, tabstop, expandtab, and shiftround settings rather than using Eclipse's settings
  • Enable regexsearch property by default. This matches Vim behavior more closely.
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