1. introduction
  2. basics
  3. commands
  4. search
  5. visual mode
  6. configuration
  7. commandline commands
  8. macros
  9. marks and registers
  10. optional plugins



The preferred way of installation is to use the Eclipse update site:


If you downloaded a file release, put the jar files contained in the zip file you downloaded in the "plugins" and "features" directories of your eclipse installation.

If the plugin works correctly you will be able to see a "Vim" icon in the toolbar after you start up Eclipse.

Using the plugin

Click the "Vim" button in the toolbar. You can now use your favorite Vim commands in the editor (assuming they are implemented).

Click the button again to deactivate Vim emulation in open editors.

If you do not like clicking the icon, you can define a keyboard shortcut for the action. Go to Preferences->General->Keys and type "vrapper" in the filter. You can the define a shortcut for the "Toggle Vrapper" command.