1. introduction
  2. basics
  3. commands
  4. search
  5. visual mode
  6. configuration
  7. commandline commands
  8. macros
  9. marks and registers
  10. optional plugins

Visual Mode

Visual mode supports character-wise (v), line-wise (V), and block-wise (C-V) selection. While in visual mode, it is not recommended to use the mouse to change the selection. It might work but in general the behaviour is undefined.

You can highlight text using motions and use Vrapper or Eclipse commands on the text. After using an Eclipse command, Vrapper will stay in visual mode, so you have to press Escape to get back to normal mode.

Changes done in visual mode can also be repeated using the dot . operator.

All visual modes support the following commands:

  • y
  • c
  • s
  • d
  • x
  • X
  • p
  • P
  • u
  • U
  • r
  • ~
  • J
  • o

Character-wise and line-wise visual modes also support the following commands:

  • v
  • V
  • /
  • ?

Block-wise visual mode also supports the following commands:

  • I
  • A
  • O